Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Changes coming to Adventures of a Homeschool Mom

I abandoned my blog recently... And my readers. Life has taken an interesting path for our family which led me temporarily away from the blog. But I'm back even if sporadically over the next few months.

I want to update you all on whats going on over at Adventures of a Homeschool Mom.

First, we continue to homeschool Buttercup who just finished 2nd grade. As Buttercup gets older, she works much more independently and so I found myself with less ideas to share. I was also in a slump so that probably explains better why I haven't been on here much.

I'm feeling better and ready to jump back in.

Second, I will post my 2nd grade curriculum as a FREE DOWNLOAD, sometime in August. I'll keep you posted.

Third, and most important, Adventures of a Homeschool Mom is going on the road. We will be moving to the UK in August and I will be homeschooling there initially. I would like to put Buttercup in school because it will be important for her to help with the adjustment in a new country. But, we will homeschool in the beginning until we get settled......and I plan on documenting this whole process.

This move was something we wanted for a long time, but it did come suddenly. So now we're scrambling to get everything in order to go across the pond. This chaos also contributed to me putting this blog on the back burner. I will share more about the reason for this move in another post.

Right now I need to go pack some boxes!

Happy Homeschooling Adventures!