Monday, August 27, 2012

Our {Home} School Room

Ever since we started homeschooling, I've given lots of thought to our school room. We actually didn't have a dedicated space to home school. And since our decision to  home school happened very quickly, we were totally unprepared. What we had was an office/playroom. We moved some toys out of the playroom to make room for a bookshelf and a seating area. I really just wanted space for our books and other materials. We spent our first year of homeschooling doing "school" wherever we found space, ie dining room table, kitchen table, out on the patio, the local library, even the park.

That worked well for us, but it did take some planning because unless we were in our "school room" we had to plan ahead to get the right materials and books. All in all, not that big of a hassle.

As the school year wound down and summer rolled in, I started to think that I wanted a more dedicated space for school. I wanted a clutter free, organized space (I'm an organization freak). I live by the motto "Everything has a place and everything in its place". But the truth is, we just don't have that much space. I've seen pictures of other homeschoolers' "school" rooms and I must admit I feel jealous of the spacious, organized spaces they have. These rooms are so beautiful, full of shelves and books neatly organized on them. Bins and boxes for everything you can think of.

What I've realized is I have the space I need and I'm making the space work for us. It may not always be very organized but it does the job. The other thing I've realized is that I don't want to recreate a school environment in my home. I love being able to "do school" wherever we please. So as the new school year approaches, I have embraced the space we have and the flexibility to school anywhere.

Here are some pictures of our home school room.
Close up of bins that I still have to label.

We have some of our books displayed and a caddy that holds pens, pencils, erasers, etc.

This is an index card box for our Book Club and Writer's Workshop. It has genres, writing prompts and techniques we will be studying and using.

Our Lego table is in our school room because Buttercup uses it a lot and we also do Lego challenges as part of school.

Where do you homeschool? Share here!!

Happy Homeschooling Adventures!!


  1. Great school room! I found you on a blog hop, great to find a fellow homeschooler. I hope you'll follow me back at Soule Mountain


  2. We don't have a "school room" either. And I have been homeschooling for 5 years.=) We use the dining room. And I have even taken to just leaving our crate of books and stuff out on a corner stool.

    1. Hi Bernadette,

      Sometimes being casual about homeschool just works better. Although I hate the clutter.

  3. I look at other people's homeschool rooms and am jealous too!

    We started with a homeschool room, but found we would rather just be at the dining room table...

    1. Hi Theresa,

      That's how we feel too! It's fun doing school work stretched out on the soft carpet too. It feels like playing and not schooling.

  4. Wow you are so organized...Right now we are just winging it. Your post inspired me.

    1. Hi Candice,
      It just seems organized but it could be a lot better. I try to make the best with the space I have.

  5. Hello,
    I have just found you through the Mum's Monday mingle blog hop, wish homeschooling was viewed in such a positive way in the UK. I have always planned to do my own things at home but its not a full time option here. Great resources though.

    Natalie x

    1. Hi Natalie,

      I didn't know that homeschooling was not allowed in the UK, that's too bad.

  6. Wow looks great. I take my hat off to you, I couldn't home school my 3. Well done you.

  7. Hi

    Also homeschool/distance education here in Australia. I don't have a dedicated area for school work but have dedicated areas to store our resources.

    The study is used for all computer work but having a laptap is handy to use anywhere especially outside for some fresh air.

    We use the dining room table for bookwork and craft projects and the lounge and the floor get a pretty good work out too.

    When we first started homeschooling I did set up a school room type area but it just didn't work (it looked nice though lol!).

    I started homeschool in a very regimented way (now I'm more flexible and relaxed) I used to draw up lots of schedules, timetables, and goals but that all flew out the window as time went by. Now, I work out how much work needs to be completed by the end of the week to stay on target for the term and we just work towards that.

    New blog hop follower here.

    Hope you can stop by for a visit sometime.

  8. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love your attitude toward homeschooling. That's how I feel too, casual and relaxed, as long as the work gets done.

  9. Hi! you should follow me back at :)