Sunday, August 5, 2012

Craft Project - Paper Plate Ladybugs


A while back I saw this arts and crafts project on the internet and since my daughter loves ladybugs we decided to give it a try. When I first saw the project, I had only seen this picture. I searched for the rightful owner so I could give her proper credit and here is her blog.

Crafts by Amanda

Buttercup and I each made one (a red ladybug and a purple ladybug). If you've read this blog before you'll know which of us made the red and the purple ladybugs (one of them is Buttercup's favorite color!!).

 What you'll need:
  • Paper plates (we used small ones)
  • Glue
  • Craft paint
  • Scissors
I gave each of us 2 small paper plates. Using a pencil, we each made a large triangle where we would cut the plate.

We also made a similar size triangle on the plate that didn't get cut. This triangle is where we used black paint. It doesn't need to be perfect because the other plate will be glued on top of the black painted one and will cover any imperfections.

Then we painted the plate that had previously been cut. You can see our progress here.

We set both plates aside and let them dry. Once the plates were completely dried we glued the colored, cut plate on top of the one painted in black. Make sure that the black triangle is exposed.

Then we cut white circles to make the eyes (we used a paper plate), we also cut black circles to complete the eyes and for the ladybug's spots. We painted pieces of an extra paper plate in black for the face.

We had so much fun making these ladybugs.

Thanks Crafts by Amanda for the idea!!  Remember to always give credit when you find an awesome idea or tip. It's the fair and considerate thing to do.

Happy Homeschooling Adventures!


  1. Cute idea. My son loves ladybugs too. We should try it! Stopping by from Bloggy Moms Blog Hop!

  2. Hi there! Cute project! Found you via Bloggy Moms August Blog Hop. Can't wait to get to know you better!

    -Molly {OTmama -}

  3. such cute ladybugs! Thanks for putting in my button at your site! Let me know if you are interested in the linky party!

  4. This is so cute! I found you through twitter. My 4y/o will love doing this!

  5. This is so cute! I found you through twitter. My 4y/o will love doing this!

  6. This is so cute! I found you through twitter. My 4y/o will love doing this!

    1. Hi! Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I love reading comments and getting to know other bloggers.

  7. thanks for sharing.

  8. How adorable! This would be something great for my soon-to-be 3y/o and me to do. I found you through Top Mommy Blogs. Thank you for the idea.


    1. HI! Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it.

  9. I used to do this project many years ago when I used to teach preschool (20-years ago Yikes!). I remember the kids used to love it. :-)

    1. Hi Stefani,

      Wow that is really impressive and it just goes to show that a fun project or good idea survives the test of time.