Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Southern California in pictures (mostly)!

I'm an East Coast girl all the way, born and raised in the Garden State (where did they get that nickname, really!). But I love to travel. Everywhere, anywhere, often. Or as often as our budget allows.

My husband has a special love for California. I don't know how to explain it. He is fascinated by it, he would live there if he could, he would just pick up and move. I have to say that I don't share his fascination or at least I didn't until recently. He's been trying to get me to go to L.A. for a few years. I have resisted; for no particular reason. I just didn't think I would like it; the fakeness it all, the traffic, the whole Hollywood scene. Boy was I wrong.

This year my husband convinced me to go. So I planned and researched and actually got excited about our trip.

Getty Center Gardens
I now have to admit that I fell in love with Southern California (I had already been in San Francisco and loved it). The weather was fabulous, the people were surprisingly nice, and everything is so pretty. Yes, we did the tourist stuff - Walk of Fame, Hollywood sign, Rodeo Drive.


But then we did other stuff. We went to Santa Monica during the week when there are fewer tourists. We drove around Beverly Hills, not looking for celebrity houses, but enjoying the beauty of it, the architecture and glamour. We visited the Getty Center - one of the highlights of our trip. We visited different neighborhoods, traveled up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, up to Santa Barbara and down to San Clemente. Each town so different from the previous one.

Yes, we faced traffic. Admittedly not as bad as everyone says. It was manageable. Yes, you do feel that every pretty person is an aspiring actor, always "on an audition", whether as your waiter or salesperson, hoping to be discovered. No problem.

Beautiful House in San Clemente

A quiet moment at the Mission in
Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Mission
Bronson Gates
Love him!!
Beverly Hills

Lost on the way to the Hollywood sign

The family

Buttercup found a seat to rest

Santa Monica

A beautiful tree! Look at the roots.

Buttercup got pampered at an US
Magazine Event
We all had an amazing time. It was a chance for the four of us to relax, be together and recharge our batteries. It was a much needed vacation. And we got to see old friends too!!


  1. Oh, your photos brought back such good memories! Looks like you had a fab time. I visited Southern California with my family as a teen, and then with friends a few years back -- so much fun! We drove between San Diego and L.A., stopping all along the way, and I must have taken a million photos. I went to Northern California with my boyfriend in May -- another awesome time. YAY, CA!

    1. I love California! I didn't think I would, but I do. San Francisco is my favorite town!

  2. I'm more of a small town gal. My husband took me to LA near Beverly Hills, I lasted a year before we moved back North. It was surprisingly beautiful, Magnolia trees lining the streets, warm beaches, always something to do. Helicopters hunting down criminals at night though are something of a turn off. Upside, These days they also help look for and spread info about lost kids etc.

    1. Yeah, not crazy about the high crime rates, but I think crime is everywhere these days. I live in a small town too and it's very safe, but you never know. I do love the weather in California!

  3. These pictures make me want to go to California even more. My aunt has been inviting me since 2008 but since I entered the university, I didn't have time for me to squeeze in a US vacation. Now that I graduated from college, I was discouraged by my friends to apply for a US visa because they say that the US embassy is more strict in giving visa for fresh grads so visiting California may not be very soon for me. soooo great seeing those lovely pics :) New follower here! :)

    1. Hi Miss Meggy,

      Thanks for visiting! It's hard to think about vacation when you've got to focus on your studies. I'm sure you'll get to visit SoCal one day and you will love it!!

  4. Signed up to receive your blog in my email...can't wait! :)