Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teaching Contractions in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade

Contractions are a funny thing, because once you know how to use them, you don't even think about it, it becomes second nature. But until then, it takes practice. Contractions are not easy for young children to master.

When Buttercup was in 1st grade, I introduced contractions and she initially had a hard time with it. I wanted to find a way to reinforce the idea without repetition or too many worksheets. There wasn't anything interesting on the Internet or in books, so I had to create an activity myself.

I came up with these flash cards that Buttercup and I use to play games. The flash cards come in pairs, so one of the pair has the two words written out (you are) and the other card has the corresponding contraction (you're).

  • The first game we played was simple. I showed Buttercup the words card, and asked her to read it. Then I showed the contraction card and I read it. We played his game until we got to the point where Buttercup would read both cards.
  • Another game we played was one where I would "flash" a words card and Buttercup would say the corresponding contraction. This was a favorite activity for her.
  • Then I would change it up and "flash" the contraction and she would tell me the words.
  • Contractions Match Game - I spread out the flash cards face down on the floor and we took turns flipping over two cards. If the words card matched the contractions card we keep the cards, if not turn them down again and another player would take a turn.
  • Sometimes Buttercup liked to play with the flash cards on her own and she would line them up side by side in two columns randomly (words cards in one column, contractions cards in another). The she would pick a card from one column and try to find its corresponding card in the other column. 
There are many ways to use these flash cards and they can be purchased in my shop for only $2.00. Once you print them, they can be laminated and will last a long time.

By making some of my original products available for a small charge, I can keep this site going and offer many more things for free as I already do.

Happy Homeschooling Adventures!

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  1. Great blog! My daughter Homeschools. Tomorrow I am helping her with a Nature study. Following you on Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop.