Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2nd Grade Art Project - Colored Sand Vases

A while back I had seen these really cute vases made with colored sand and I knew I wanted to try to make them. I started collecting glass jars and other glass containers that would have been thrown out (reuse and recycle!). When we finally had the containers I couldn't find the magazine or website that had the intructions to make the colored sand vases. So I pretty much had to figure it out on my own, but I have to say Buttercup and I are very happy with the results.

What you'll need:

Tacky glue
Colored sand
Glass jars
Plastic spoon
Paint brushes

Once we had our work area set up, Buttercup chose the colors she wanted to use. I poured glue in a disposable plastic container and Buttercup used a paint brush to "paint" the glue on the glass jar. Since we were making stripes, I gave Buttercup a stopping point where she shouldn't put glue. Once the area of the jar that we wanted to color was covered with glue, Buttercup used a plastic spoon to sprinkle sand over the glue covering most of it. I helped by shaking off the excess sand. Then we moved on to the next stripe repeating the process.

We finished on vase and were feeling pretty confident so we decided to make a pattern on the next one. Buttercup chose to make a sun. This time I made the sun shape with the glue and Buttercup sprinkled yellow sand on it. At the bottom of the vase we used green sand for "grass". On the remaining portion of the vase we used light blue sand for the "sky".

 Happy Homeschooling Adventures!!


  1. Hi! That's a really cute vase! Glad she enjoyed doing it!

    1. Hi! It's a different take on just filling vases with colored sand. Thanks for stopping by!