Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to school Giveaway!

As a homeschooler and mom, I am always on the go. I live life on the fast lane between laundry, lunches, activities and blogging. One of the biggest challenges I face, is working on the go.  I don't always have access to all of my files and documents. One thing that helps is having a flash drive to store the things I will need for the day. That way I know I'll get my work done no matter where I am, whether I am sitting at a day long swim meet or  waiting at a doctors office. Wholesale custom flash drives is offering a Giveaway just for moms. If you visit their site you can get all of the details about how to get your own free flash drive.

In addition, The flash drive comes with a free ebook, 75 Creative Back to School Tips for Super Moms! The eBook includes 25 after school and play date activities, 25 snack and lunchbox inspirations, and 25 homework helper tips.

This eBook is great for moms and homeschoolers alike! Check it out here!

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