Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Homeschool!

Is it me or is it just so hard to start up again after the holidays? I mean, I remember with my older child that it was difficult to go back to school. It's so cold outside, you've been home for at least a week, you just don't feel like going back. But when the day comes, you get on that bus and that's it. You're back in the routine.

But I feel that with homeschooling it's even harder. Because you make your schedule, I guess you can decide when you go back to school. That's nice. The flip side is that you're used to waking up late, and not having a routine at all. All of a sudden, you have to get back into that routine, but you don't have a bus schedule or a school schedule to push you back into the routine. It takes a lot of discipline for you, as the parent/teacher, and for the child.

So I wanted to start on the 3rd since that is when my other child started up again in public school. We got up at a reasonable time and got started right away. I had planned a regular day but not overly ambitious since I didn't know what to expect. To my surprise, my daughter got right back into her school work too. One less battle to fight!

One of the things I think helped is that I planned a fun music/science activity to get us going.

I got the idea in a magazine and had been planning it for a while. We got 8 emplty bottles of soda or water and filled each according to the directions and when you blow into them, you make music. We started just by doing do re mi da so la ti do for practice. The instructions in the magazine also taught us to do "Row your boat".

How do you handle the back to school ho hum?? Share your tips, please!!

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