Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lego Organizer

I really wanted to share a storage tip. And who doesn't need storage ideas, right?

I was going through some old magazines, just to clean out some clutter and I came across a great idea in an issue of Family Fun magazine.

One of the writers offered a fantastic suggestion for organizing all of your kids' Lego pieces while at the same time creating a surface for playing.

My 6 year old daughter is a huge fan of Legos and she plays with them everyday. She likes to spread out all of the tiny, little pieces all over the floor. Needless to say, we are constantly stepping on Lego pieces which is not only annoying, but it can hurt as well.

My daughter also likes to build her Legos and leave them up on display.

So this idea in Family Fun magazine was a perfect solution for us. We didn't do it exactly as it showed in the magazine. I basically took the idea and made it my own.

I went to the store and purchased two plastic 5 drawer storage carts. Then at a home improvement store I purchased a piece of white laminated wood and simply placed it on top of the two bins. The article in the magazine did suggest attaching the board to the carts, but I opted not to do that so I could move it easily if I needed to. They also suggested painting the wood, but I bought the white one, it worked better for us.

Finally, my daughter and I organized the Legos in each drawer by color, making the Legos easy to find when she plays. I still need to get some drawer dividers, but for now she has a great little play area! And I am very happy to have all those tiny pieces off the floor!


  1. Great idea! My 8 yr old son loves Star Wars Legos and they are currently spread all over the floor as well. I think we will be heading out to buy the components for this today. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thanks for commenting. That was my problem too, Legos all over the place. It was a good solution to keep everything together and it gives her a workspace!

  2. Wow! That's great! I might need to do that in my son's room. He loves Legos, but has to dig through the box to find what he wants. This would be mucho better! :)