Thursday, May 24, 2012

1st Grade Art Project Idea - Tissue Paper Butterfly

Here's a very simple art project idea. I remember when my oldest daughter was in school and she used to make all sorts of art projects with tissue paper. So I've been thinking of doing something similar with my 6 year old. I finally went out and bought a pack of tissue paper in assorted colors. I got mine at a dollar store! The only materials you need are glue, tissue paper, a white sheet of paper, a pencil and a sharpie.

We started by drawing our butterfly. Then we traced the drawing with a Sharpie to make the borders very visible. After that we just started ripping small pieces of tissue paper, crumbling them and gluing to our picture. We did them in a pattern, but it can be done randomly as well.

If you are ever looking for a last minute or quick and easy art project, this is it!! Since it is Spring right now, this colorful butterfly fits right in with the season. I think this project would make a great rainy day activity also. Other tissue paper art ideas are flowers in a vase, a garden scene with birds, trees and flowers, a rainbow or a flag.

My daughter had so much fun "creating" her butterfly. Here are some pictures!

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