Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Playroom storage DIY!

I've had this white cabinet for years and it is very utilitarian, albeit ugly, so we've kept it through several moves. Originally, it was a cheap bookshelf. I wanted to be able to hide the mess, so we put doors on it. And that's how it's been ever since. As Buttercup grew, she decorated the cabinet with random stickers she would get in books or at the doctor's office.

It really became an eye sore that I just kinda ignored. It currently sits in our kitchen and a couple of weeks ago, the kitchen got a fresh coat of paint and the ugly cabinet became more of an eye sore.

On a whim, I decided to spruce it up. I figured I really couldn't make it worse. So I started by peeling all of the stickers off.

Since I had a little bit of paint left over from the kitchen, I decide to use that so the cabinet would at least blend in. So I painted it yellow. Well, once it was done, it was too yellow and it just didn't look quite right.

I remembered I had these old drawer knobs from when 1D was little. They were butterflies and ladybugs and one day she just outgrew them but I never threw them out.

So off to the basement I go in search of these cute little doorknobs. I changed out the old boring knobs for the ladybugs and 1D painted red spots randomly on the cabinet.

Not a good picture!
I am so glad with the outcome. It looks almost new and it's perfect for a playroom or kid's room. And I still get to hide all of our art supplies in there!!

I really love being able to upcycle things I already own. I am frugal and hate to waste money. Plus, I love these little projects. I get to do something creative and it doesn't take very long (I have no patience for things that take days to make).
I'm already cooking up my next DIY project. I can't wait to post pictures! Enjoy!

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  1. Genius! I'm fanatical about reusing whatever still has even a little life in it.
    This was a wonderful way to make use of a perfectly good storage cabinet. I really like that new color... Nice!