Friday, April 24, 2015

How do we travel so much?

I read a lot of travel blogs and I follow people who are doing this full time.

Living the nomad lifestyle.

I am not there yet.

But that is the dream. One day.....

Right now, my family and I do as much travelling as we can or even can't afford. And I say that because we sacrifice a lot in order to be able to travel.

But for us it's worth it. And I'd like to share our story.

We are a one income family. My husband is solely responsible for bringing home the bacon. I do things here and there on the side, but they don't amount to much.(I create and sell Unit Studies which you can purchase here). Hopefully, one day they will.

Anyway, we live on a shoestring budget. Counting every dollar and just making it month to  month. We have an average salary. My husband's job is in E-learning, so you know he doesn't make a six figure salary. But we get by.

Don't get me wrong. We provide for our family. Everyone has what they need. Everyone is healthy. Everyone is happy.

We are not into material things and I guess we passed that down to our children. They have toys, books, most of what other kids have, just not in excess.

We don't own a home. We did until a year ago, when we decided to sell it since we are now living in England.

We don't have a lot of savings other than our 401K. What we save eventually goes towards travelling.
Bruges, Belgium

So how do we do it?

  • I do a ton of research to find the best deals. A TON! Sometimes I spend days, even weeks researching.
  • I don't book anything without checking TripAdvisor first.
  • I make an itinerary. I call it my flexi-plan because I like to be organized and have a general idea of what we will be doing and seeing, but I also realize we have to allow for unexpected things that may come up. And they do.
  • I always try to book a hotel that offers free breakfast and free wi-fi.
  • When I can't get the free breakfast, I purchase easy to store breakfast foods such as oatmeal, cereal, milk, bread.
  • I make a list of our "must visit" attractions and cost them out, so I now how much we will be spending on those.
  • I pre-book certain attractions that offer better online rates or those that you have to wait hours in line for. (saving time also saves money)
  • I find free things to do as well.
  • I give my kids a spending limit.
  • I treat the planning phase of the trip like a job. I dedicate time and effort to it because I know it will pay off in the end.
Tapas in Malaga, Spain

We still spend way too much on our trips. I know I can cut down on our expenses even more. 

Marbella, Spain
I've become a sort of expert at booking affordable family travel. I advise my family and friends on the best deals. And I've even started planning some trips for them. So far, everyone has been happy with the results.

So this is how my family does it. I know some people have a bigger budget or a smaller one.

Whatever your budget it, you CAN travel. It may not be a 3 month trip around the world but there are so many amazing and affordable places to see on this big, beautiful Earth.

I welcome comments and tips on budget family travel. Happy World Adventures!


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