Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spooky Halloween candle holders

Buttercup and I made these candle holders last year which we are using again this year because we love them. They were super easy to make!

For one of them we used a Smucker's Jam jar. The other two are from the dollar store.

We made simple cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth. Buttercup cut triangles for the eyes and nose and I did the mouth, since the cuts were more difficult to make.

We taped the shapes on the glass jars and painted them orange. That's it. I think a second coat would make it darker and then the effect with the lit candle would be better.

We are using tiny battery operated lights instead of candles, so Buttercup can turn them on and off whenever she wants and I don't worry about her burning her little fingers!

Happy Homeschooling Adventures!

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