Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Craft Program - Michael's Stores

I recently received an email from Michael's Craft Store about a craft program they are running through July. It is called Passport to Imagination! Sounds fun already!!

Basically, Michael's is offering mini craft sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (at our local store at least). Most of them are free, some have a nominal cost for supplies. Each day follows a specific country's theme and the kids get to make and take 2 craft projects.

The first country was Australia and the kids made the Australian flag and a stingray. We missed this one as I only got their email a couple days after the program had begun.

Buttercup and I decided to check it out last Thursday. The theme was Mexico and she got to make two mini projects. One was a Monarch butterfly and the other was a gecko.

Buttercup really enjoyed herself, although the gecko was really hard to make and she needed the instructor's help (and even she had trouble!).

We are definitely going back another day for some more crafting fun!

Here's a shot of our local schedule. I don't know if the dates and times are the same at all locations, but this gives you an idea of the country themes.

You can also go to their website